Walmart Bean Bag Chairs

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Walmart Bean Bag Chairs

Bean bag is a chair that looks like a big sack that is very soft to sit because it contains polystyrene granules or better known as Styrofoam. Walmart, a well-known supermarket, has produced a Walmart Bean Bag Chair. The Walmart Bean Bag Chair is suitable to be placed in the room that does not require formalities, for example in the family room or the bedroom. It can also be put in the living room if indeed, especially if your living room’s concept is casual because regarding shape and function Walmart bean bag chair is suitable for relaxing. If you want to maintain this easily or want to clean it quickly, you can choose the wrapping material that was made of polyester or leather.

Polyester material is a material that is waterproof, anti-bacterial and not easily shrinks. It makes Walmart bean bag chair is safe to be placed anywhere. This Walmart bean bag chair is comfortably occupied with various positions because the contours can follow the shape of the body, so not only comfortable to sit but also lay down.


Former bean bag

Originally, when it was invented a few years ago, the bean bag only comes in one shape, which is a cone-shaped like an onion. But gradually its design evolved into a variety, such as triangular shapes, boxes and unique shapes such as animals, fruits and various motifs in upholstery. Its light weight makes the bean bag easy to move. Bean bags can not only be occupied by just one person. You can choose a large bean bag that can hold more than one person. In addition to its functional, stylish bean bag can also increase the aesthetics of space.

Uniquely, the bean bag by Walmart has a side pocket for your remote control and a slot for your beverage. It is made from a stain resistant, waterproof nylon fabric, which is cool, right? And by means, due to its stain resistant, waterproof nylon fabric, it makes it easy to clean and also waterproof! It is also available in the double stitched and double zippered, so you were known it’s going to hold up for a long time.


So in conclusion,

  • The material, as it has been said before, which is a stain resistant, waterproof nylon fabric, it is not super thick, but it feels like pretty secure, by means if it is still comfortable it also has a good quality.
  • The shape is kind a funny because it feels lumpy due to the fact when you get on it, you will get the cozy and weird feeling because you are going to sinking in it.
  • The filling of this chair is like a little pebble sized balls so when you get on it and sinking on it, it will take zero problems.


This bean bag chair by Walmart is perfect for lounging in the bedroom, your kid’s dorm room, or right in front of the TV. You can check it out in the nearest Walmart you can find.