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Table By Market District HiCollie Cosmetic Organizer Equipped Revolving. With a store full of fabulous ingredients and a team of culinary experts comes a full service restaurant we call table by Market District, a deliciously distinct dining experience.

Family friendly and food focused, table by Market District serves lunch and dinner daily and brunch every Sunday in our Carmel location. We also serve local and craft beers, and offer a full bottled beer and wine list. In the mood for takeout? Place your order online and simply pay when you pick it up!

Sneak peek: A look inside Carmel’s new Market District grocery store. North of 96th took a tour earlier this week of the soon-to-open, 120,000-square-foot Market District store in Carmel, which includes a pharmacy, beauty salon, restaurant and banquet center in addition to traditional grocery store components.

It’s Pittsburgh-based Giant Eagle Inc.’s first grocery store in Indiana. It’s located at 11505 N. Illinois St. within The Bridges development in Carmel. The official opening is slated for 9 a.m. Wednesday.

Tom DeVries, senior vice president and general manager for Table By Market District, walked me through the store, emphasizing the central Indiana providers that are featured.

For example, Greenfield-based Tyner Pond Farm and Indianapolis-based Smoking Goose have products in the meat section; Zionsville-based Traders Point Creamery has offerings in the dairy section; Lafayette-based Copper Moon Coffee offers packaged coffee for sale; and Dana-based Brooke’s Candy Co. supplies gluten-free packaged dessert mixes.

The 15,000-square-foot produce section offers more than 100 organic fruits and vegetables.

“If we don’t have it, it’s not available,” DeVries said. “I told them to order everything.”

Table By Market District also offers 400 types of cheeses and 100 kinds of deli meats.


Table By Market District

The Table By Market District store will have a rotating menu of prepared foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Customers will be able to purchase complete meals, ask store employees to prepare purchased items at no extra charge, and buy meal-in-a-box packages with all necessary ingredients and a recipe.

The sweets shop has fresh-made popcorn, gelato, nearly 100 kinds of throw-back candy, hand-dipped chocolate goodies, customizable M&M’s, and a machine for creating custom messages on Hershey’s Kisses.

The store also includes a housewares section, Starbucks, pharmacy, bag-your-own spice aisle with an olive oil and vinegar bar, and a 5,000-square-foot alcohol section with more than 600 beers, 2,200 types of wine, 1,300 spirits and a cigar bar.

“It’s the ultimate democracy of choice,” DeVries said.

At checkout, a screen will automatically direct customers to the next available cashiers. DeVries said the technology has helped other Market Districts become some of the fastest-performing among all Giant Eagle stores.

Following a trend in grocery shopping, Market District will offer customers curbside pick-up. Orders can be made online with a selected pick-up time. The company introduced the service about four years ago. The first three orders are free, but a fee is charged after that.

Market District hired 550 employees to operate the massive store.

Two in-store dining options are available—a small cafe and a full-service restaurant.

The restaurant—”Table by Market District”—will open for lunch and dinner and offer appetizers, flatbreads, burgers and sandwiches, salads, and entrees that range in price from $14 ro $23. Beer and wine will be served eventually; the company intends to obtain a liquor license.

The inside dining area has seating for 115, plus 20 at the bar. An outdoor patio provides seating for 52 customers.

Above the restaurant, a 3,800square-foot banquet center will be available for private events. It can accommodate up to 200 people. Market District also will use the space for Sunday brunch service, with five or six chefs preparing dishes.

An upstairs kitchen also will be used for cooking classes.

Adjacent to Table By Market District, GetGo Cafe & Market also will be open Wednesday. The store features typical gas station items, like snack foods and soda, but it also has a 40-person dining area and made-to-order food options including customizable wraps, burgers, sandwiches and salads.


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Table by Market District: This is brunch!

If you’re a foodie of any sort, you’ve probably already ventured into Carmel’s sumptuous new grocery store, the Market District. For those of us who love to cook, the produce department alone is absolutely swoon-worthy. Japanese eggplant? Check. Lemon grass? Of course. Ugli fruit? It’s in the end cap next to the dragon fruit and banana leaves.

But if you don’t love to cook, or just don’t feel like it, there’s a world class restaurant just off the produce department and behind the Starbucks. The décor is lavish, the bar is beautiful and the food is absolutely terrific.

Table by Market District opened shortly after the grocery store itself, toward the end of last year. The menus are extensive, creative and amazingly affordable, with lunch items averaging $11.00 and main plates at dinner averaging $20.00

The lunch menu includes a nice selection of appetizers, salads, sandwiches and individual wood-fired pizzas, but the “Knife and Fork Fries” section is particularly interesting. In essence, they are entrée poutines, topped with such ingredients as slow-roasted Angus short rib with Boursin fondue, house-smoked barbeque pork, pulled rotisserie chicken or Parmigiano Reggiano and truffles.

The dinner menu includes many of the lunch menu items, but also offers some lovely “Main Plates.” The Lobster, Shrimp and Crab Pot Pie sounds divine, and I plan to try it on my next visit! There are also some terrific shareable side dishes—bacon-braised Brussel sprouts and Mascarpone-laden cheese grits are a good place to start.

But the shining gem of this restaurant (and the most needed addition to the Hamilton County dining scene) is the Sunday Brunch. A steal at only $22.00 for adults (with special pricing for kids and seniors,) the spread is fantastic and delicious. There’s a small raw bar, a great cheese selection, lots of fresh fruit, several interesting hot sides and unique cold salads from the restaurant’s deli. A hot carving station completes the buffet, with both smoked pork leg and beef tenderloin on our visit. As if all of this weren’t enough to satisfy even the most ravenous of brunchers, it also includes your choice of omelette and breakfast meat, which is served to you at your table.

Then there’s the pastry table. And the macaroons are worth pushing yourself over the edge for.

Add to all of this a killer Bloody Mary bar and you’ve got a recipe for a truly exceptional Brunch experience. If you’re not a fan of Bloody Mary’s, there’s a nice selection of other cocktails, wine and beer, and a “Zero Proof” section of interesting non-alcoholic drinks.

Another really neat feature on the Table menu is the “Future Foodies” section for kids twelve and under. In addition to the obligatory chicken fingers and cheese pizza, they offer smaller portions of any regular menu item at a discounted price.