Steam mop Big W Homevative Microfiber bottles Precision Detailer

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Steam mop Big W Homevative Microfiber bottles Precision Detailer with the new, the handle does not seem to be broken, and eventually I realized that even though the instructions to remove the bottle from the original holders tell somebody to push down and then rotate to the right, what You really need to do to remove it is to squeeze the sides of the bottle and then, just pull off the original place to squeeze it!

Sprayer function that never worked despite the grip sprayer has been squeezed several dozen times the attached bottle solution detach & isn’t easy–it takes a few tries of pushing lower & rotate. We ended up returning this item. Refund process was smooth.

The excess of the Steam mop Big W Homevative Microfiber bottles Precision Detailer

Save money-2 x bottle he repeated content allows you to fill out your own solution and save money from buying expensive disposable. 3 x carbon fiber reusable microfiber pads can be washed out more than 100 times. That’s a saving of over $60 for each pad you use *. Lastly, there is no need battery when you have much more control with the spray handle hand/manual.

Save time-responsive spray head allows you to spray as much or little of the fluid as you want. No need to save time and frustration unwanted moving the water. Add our 360 ° Swivel Head and getting around the big, heavy furniture without the headache of moving around.

No stress, no leak, innovative design

Homevative microfiber spray MOP has a silicone ring fortified on all stress points to stop water from leaking out. Lightweight aluminum shaft and ergonomically designed handle allow for the use of the spray are smooth. Lastly, the “one-turn” bottle removal system is frustrating.

Save the Environment-feel good knowing that you’re declining vs. competitors who use hazardous waste disposable expensive and redundant. We make our MOP to clean up the world, not to add more junk.

Lifetime guarantee we stand by our products, and our means. If something happens to Your MOP, let us know and we will send you a replacement.

What’s included

Homevative Microfiber spray Mop
2 x Reusable bottle
3 x pads carbon fiber Rewashable
1 scraper hair and chewing gum
Instructions and guides the use of best
Wrapping gifts

What makes us better? At Steam mop Big W Homevative Microfiber bottles Precision Detailer, we strive to create the best customer experience imaginable. We take ideas that exist in the market and made them better by listening to opinions about most things: you!

First, there was the traditional MOP which causes tons of headaches.

-Pain in the back, arms, and shoulders of the movement awkward.
-The weight of the bucket full of water that needs to be cleaned between use and great for storing.
-Mildew and mold buildup that worsens Your MOP.
-Not to mention all the time needed to rearrange your home to even get started.

Then there are the big brand Sweeper mops, but they also cause a headache.

-Plastic Design causes the unit easy to violate.
-Disposable Pads, bottle, and the battery become very expensive.
-The lack of choice in cleaning solution puts you in a corner.
-The damage made by the thousands and thousands of pounds of waste from discard disposable.