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Quiet portable air conditioner reviews filtered particles from the air pollution outside. Air pollution is a major problem outside of urban areas, particularly the dense traffic. Exposure to particulate matter air pollution can increase the risk of treatment in the hospital. And premature deaths due to heart problems. The use of air conditioning a well-preserved lowers the risk of a person exposed to the complications of heart disease. The use of a central quiet portable air conditioner reviews causing air pollution from the outside a bit more. Easy cool portable air conditioner reviews that goes into the room than the window open. At a time when the current hot as attacks that caused the deaths of many people, the portable air conditioning also save lives. When super quiet portable air conditioner reviews exposed to cold air that makes us shiver, it increases the body store fat burner chocolate healthy energy.


Air conditioner or air conditioner, is a system or machine that is designed to stabilize the temperature. AC or commonly referred to as air and the humidity of the area used for warming. AC or cooling depends on the nature of the air at a certain time. Unknowingly, perhaps some of us have spent most time in space or air-cooled air conditioner (AC). In the office, car, transport, shops, to the bedroom. First, we might just want to find comfort in the midst of a tropical climate which makes the steamy, involuntary impact on skin health. For most Office workers or communities in large cities can’t avoid exposure to air conditioning. In the car portable air conditioner we need to create a more comfortable temperature. The portable air conditioners style are indeed removing cold air cooling. For more details, refer to the info just quiet portable air conditioner reviews here.

Honeywell CSO71AE Indoor Portable Evaporative

Evaporative coolers easy cool portable air conditioner are only intended for use in the southwest and midwest regions of the US. Where humidity levels are <40% and in typically very hot and dry climates. The Honeywell CSO71AE 15 Pt. Indoor Portable Evaporative Air Cooler – White is ideal for spot cooling in any home or office. Three fan speeds and oscillating louvers improve air circulation and provide an even distribution of cool air. In addition to optimum cooling provided by the honeycomb cooling media, the carbon dust filter cleanses the air. The unit consumes only 60 watts of power and includes an automatic shutoff timer for even more energy savings.

The electronic control panel is easy to use and the remote control lets you operate your cooler from across the room. This quiet portable air conditioner reviews lightweight unit has 4 durable caster wheels which allow you to easily roll the unit from room to room. Uses significantly less electricity than an Air Conditioner. In a room up to 100 sq. ft. Non-compressor system cools naturally. Efficiently and inexpensively (150 CFM air flow). Used with open windows and doors. No permanent installation required. 1.8 gallon water tank with fill door. Water level indicator and low water alarm.

Easy Cool Portable Air Conditioner

The air conditioning does have a function as an air conditioner that will help our body heat so the cooler but the air conditioning also have a bad result. If you know it, due to bad it could still be overcome by means of overcoming the consequences of bad air conditioning you need to know about the bad consequences of the use of air conditioning in using it so that you can better minimize the bad consequences and maximize its benefits. Do you know if it turns out that the use of air conditioning is too often can interfere with the health of your hair and skin. People who too often were in the room who use air conditioning will suffer from dry hair and skin due to cool air produced by the air conditioning was not natural.

Effect Of Air Conditioning

But did you know, it turns out that exposure to cold air from the air conditioning for the long term can trigger damages the skin and hair. This happens because the engine air absorbs moisture the air in the room. Air conditioning also draws moisture from the skin thus causing the dry skin. If it is not protected with moisturizers, skin is easily damaged. The ongoing drought will affect the inner layer of the skin. When the skin is experiencing drought would ease the itching has occurred. Air conditioning also exacerbate skin disorders that are being inflicted on a person. Air conditioner absorbs water from the air in the room and seized the outer layer of the epidermis of the skin. If this happens constantly, water loss and lack of replacement of water from skin tissue can cause the skin to peel off, dry and cracked also.


Water is very important to keep the blood still flows. In addition, water is also beneficial maintains the elasticity of the skin. When the room humidity vanishes, the skin may wither. Also susceptible skin folds and eventually accelerate the wrinkles. Effect of dangerous, premature aging. The effect worse befall those who frequently switch from the outer space activities into space refrigerated, without the protective skin. This extreme temperature change can simply trigger a more serious skin damage. The ill effects of air conditioner is getting perfect when combined with the high exposure to pollution, extreme weather changes, poor diet, and other unhealthy lifestyles.

Global Warming

Global Warming or global warming one at dangerous because of the many uses of freon in the air around the world. Freon which accidentally loosed in the air will make the damaged ozone layer and resulting in sunlight enters directly into the Earth without any barrier. Actual air conditioning are not the only electronic goods that use freon as refrigeration, freezers are also using it.

Freon used by air conditioning to cool the temperature of the air inside the room is a substance harmful gases. Which if detached into the air outdoors. Then it can cause the ozone layer of the earth being perforated until aggravating global warming. Therefore never open or let there are openings in the room. Which were lit so there is no air conditioning freon regardless to the air off.

Dehydrated Weight

Toddlers who are too long at room temperature in air conditioned too cold can cause body loss water supply. This condition will cause the body’s lack of water and cause the body to become limp and listless. The air temperature was too cold air will slowly release Phthalates substances that cause frequent urination. This is because cached urine in the bladder will get the urine the next spool up quickly, to cause stomach heartburn so desire to pee is not be detained again. The body of a toddler does not yet have the strength to withstand the chill air as belonging to adults. Toddler skin is relatively smooth and very gentle yet get wide range of chemical makeup that can make the face of immune to the weather of any kind. Some toddler body part could have frozen and numb.

Wasteful Electricity

It’s been no secret that the public use of the air conditioning very wasteful electricity. Because that’s also not a few people who though not stand the hot air that often, but don’t want to buy and choose to use the fan only. Moreover you are using with the intensity that included frequent and in a long time. Mentioned that the use of electricity on air will spend approximately 50% of the large electric current that is in the room.

Air conditioning normally takes up 50% of the electricity used in a home, then if you turn it on continuously then the electric bill can be adopted that makes jumping wasteful electricity. That’s why some are not using air-conditioning at home due to this wasteful and then prefer using a fan instead of using air conditioning.

How To Troubleshoot Due To Bad Air Conditioning

Here’s how to tackle bad air conditioning you can do so that you can still use the air conditioning but do no harm. Consider the following healthy skin tips for the sake of maintaining the health and beauty of your skin. The first way. If you want to overcome the consequences of the first air conditioning, then you can use the air conditioning with a timer so you can set how long the use of air conditioning and skin hair so you don’t get too dry and can stay healthy.

The second way. To solve the problem of electric wastes, air then don’t carelessly in buying air conditioning, crafted to suit your needs. When using AC, the cold but so energy efficient then use temperatures 3 or 4 degrees cooler than room temperature, do not lower than that, the increase of 1 degree Celsius could increase energy use a 3 to 4%. The third way. If you don’t want to make the environment worse, then you can use the air conditioning that works using materials and hydrocarbons instead of freon.

Tips Healthy Skin Due To Air Conditioning

Place a bowl of water while in the refrigerated room. Because the air draws moisture from the room, put the water in the bowl is a simple way to dampen the impact of drying the skin while in the refrigerated room. Drink plenty of water to keep skin hydrated as well, despite being in the room is air-conditioned. Don’t wait until you feel thirsty. Water is easily absorbed by the body, and therefore must not forget to drink so that the skin remains moist. Limit the use of soap for areas where susceptible skin dryness. Use lotion to moisturize the skin, not cream.


Apply at the neck, face, hands, elbows, and knees. Water based lotions that can add moisture to your skin. You can use the cream after applying the lotion as oil to help keep the skin moist. Because of the difficult turn off the air conditioning in the Office, try not to use it when at home. Minimize exposure to air conditioning to your skin. So, even though air conditioner can help improve indoor air quality significantly. And can filter dust, pollen, fungal growth control by way of reducing the level of air humidity. As it turns out, also has a bad impact for the health of the skin. For those of you who want to have healthy skin, it’s important to know this.

The Benefits Of Air Conditioning

As one of the people who use air conditioning, then you need to know about the advantages and disadvantages of indoor air, so that you can take advantage of. The following are the advantages of using air conditioning. One of the tools to cool the room. Of course in accordance with the name air conditioning or air conditioner can be used to change the air condition in the room become cooler and cooler. Often because the air was so hot, humid room into and finally stuffy. Well, with the presence of air-conditioning this then the problem could be overcome. The temperature can be changed by air this room can be arranged to your liking. This is handy because air-conditioning is very much used the weather is hot.

Not only can cool the air, but the air inside the room that given air conditioning would be more clean of bacteria and germs that can spread through the air, this is because at the time of air conditioning to cool room temperature is in charge, then he also does filtering the air filter. If you turn on the air conditioning at night towards the bed and it can make you sleepy and get fast asleep with the sleep. But as good as you’ve been really sleepy, turn off the air conditioning so you more energy efficient. Don’t make it a habit turn on the air conditioning of the night until the morning. The cold air will tend to increase appetite and make you hungry fast.

That’s updated reviews on quiet portable air conditioner reviews more for you. Hopefully the article is useful and can be a reference for those of you who are looking for information about various products. To find out the price, simply click ‘buy now’ below.