Price of Whirlpool Washing Machine Water Pump 285998-M

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Created based on the movements of the human hand on the Board washing. the washing machine was first patented in the United States in 1846 and remained at the end of 1927. Initially, electric washing machines use motor that rotated in the tube. But the motor is not protected so that water washing often drip and cause a short circuit and the beat. In 1911, the washing machine has been equipped with a cylinder made from metal and closed. Washing machine manufacturers face challenges related to the development of the technology, that is, find the appropriate motor and ensure that users are not stung. At the beginning of its development, the washing machine using chains, belts, shafts and gears.


The washing machine is driven by an electric motor single phase. This motor can move both ways for washing clothes when rubbed in. The motor is connected to the sink or agitator with a belt and wheelchair players. The process of rinsing with washing machine is started by inserting dirty clothes into the washer tubes. Control will detect the weight of clothing and set the level of the water, washing time, time rinse, drying time and incoming water valve open time (water inlet valve). Once the water level is reached, the valve will close and the water enters the agitator begins to spin to create a whirlpool.

Part of Washing Machine

Agitator is made of plastic material is positioned in the middle of the bottom of the tube. Generally, the agitators have finned. The finned structure helps in the function. The function of clothing is to move the agitator top, bottom, back and forth so that clothes are mixed well with SOAP and water. Wash the inner Tube is also moving along with the agitator. This movement is repeated for a specified period of time is regulated by the control module. This cycle is known as the wash cycle. For those of you who would buy part of the washing machine is Whirlpool Duet HE Washer choose water Pump 285998-m. Price of Whirlpool Washing Machine is very affordable.

Price of Whirlpool Washing Machine

Whirlpool Duet, Kenmore Elite He 3t 4t 7T Washer water Pump 285998-MJUST MOTOR and impeller no included plastic body or filter picture just reference, easy installation, just remove screw 3 and save money. This home tool has a good quality. This quality product much sought by users of washing machines. By using this tool to your washing machine can work with more and can wash your clothes dirty so to be clean up.

In addition there are also part of the washing machine called the SPEED REDUCER. Gearbox function connects the motor with an agitator. This tool is able to reduce the speed of rotation of the motor (Speed Recucer). The gearbox is composed of a number of gears (gear) that are interconnected which has comparison according to the speed you want.

On the process of flushing water rinsing of the Inner wash Tube  flows out to the Outer Wash Tube. After the rinse water flowing into the outer tube, tubes filled in again with clean water, then the Agitator (stirring). Repeat this process on the appropriate anniversary setting control module. On this cycle called cycle rinse. The aim of this cycle is to release the detergent particles stuck in the process of leaching.