Oxo Tot Seedling High Chair

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Oxo Tot Seedling Dining is a vigorous and durable baby feeding chair for children aged four months to 3 years. This High Chair features five safety harness, folded & removable dining table, easily removable & washable seat cushion, adjustable height adjustable height adjustment, and three adjustable backrest arrangements with comfortable and cozy feeling as your child eat.

Oxo Tot Seedling High Chair

Product Features of Oxo Tot Seedling High Chair

  • Baby feeding chair
  • For children aged 4 months to 3 years
  • It has 5 safety harness features, dining table can be folded & removed, seat cushion can be removed & washed easily
  • 5 adjustable height adjustable seats, and 3 adjustable backrest settings
  • It can provide a sense of calm and comfort when the child is eating


There are also some pros and cons of Oxo Tot Seedling High Chair, which will be explained in the explanation below


The Pros of Oxo Tot Seedling High Chair

  • Easy to assemble. It takes only 20 seconds to assemble this chair. So you don’t need anyone to help you out. If you are one of those independent women, then you should just get this chair now because you can just assemble this chair even you just waking up from your tiring day of works, but it takes zero efforts to do it. You just need to stick a chair to metal leg and listen for a moment. Adjusting a high chair is just as easy. They have a largely intuitive and easy-to-keep gray button, so it is just like a tray that you can set back and forth with just only one hand. God, can you believe that?
  • It’s stylish, which is nice because nowadays it is pretty hard to find a stylish high chair if you are so into the fashion and stuff. This chair is suited for you because it has an elegant design.
  • It also has three medium positions
  • The chair comes in the non-patterned color that will match your decor. You can choose the color based on your preference or your home’s design. Isn’t it cool?


The cons of Oxo Tot Seedling High Chair

  • The tray is unlike the other seedling high chair, and this one is slightly heavy. Compare to other, this is heavy, but you still can handle. Plus, this can be a little exercise for you, right? Since you have not enough time as a mom to go to a gym. Especially if you try to lift the chair’s tray only with one hand, it will tighten your biceps just like when you go to the gym! But if you don’t feel like shaping your biceps, you just need to lift the chair with two hands, and it will not hurt anybody.
  • Sometimes it will be hard to pull the hanging tray off if you do it quickly. So, if you want to pull it off, you better just do it quickly, it will take more minutes, but you’ll be okay.