Morphy Richards Folding Stand Mixer Vonshef 1200W Black

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For a number of people, make the cake may be just a hobby. However, for a number of other people, to make a cake can be a source of livelihood can be done at home. Well, when you often receive order cake and bread.  Have a stand mixer to knead the dough would be more beneficial than hand mixer. Stand mixers are generally provided with a dough Bowl capacity 5 liters. When just started taking orders 1-5 per day, stand cake mixer adequate and will not make your hands sore due to holding onto the mixer.


Stand mixer has a feature which is more complete than the hand mixer. These models usually have a timer, the doorbell, the feature stops automatically, and can be programmed. Stand mixer has a special stirrer so that dough is stable and does not spill. Make the dough using stand mixer lets you work on another activity. When the stand mixer to work. You get to smearing a baking pan with butter or decorate another cake in advance so. For those of you who are looking for a mixer, you can choose a stand mixer. Morphy Richards Folding Stand Mixer VonShef 1200W Black is the right choice for you who are looking for a mixer.

Morphy Richards Folding Stand Mixer

6 speed selection + additional pulses-functions, whisk the mixture and Knead dough or dough mixture ingredients perfectly. Including silicone scraper beater to ensure all the ingredients mix from the Bowl chrome accessories + 2. Massaging the dough Hook and a balloon whisk. 6 quart class luxury 4 dishwasher safe Stainless Steel Bowl with Splash Guard FREE & Black dust Cover. Stylish and sleek contemporary design with silver. Looks beautiful on a kitchen counter top.

Morphy Richards fold stand Mixer is the main tool for baking kitchen lovers. Powerful 1200W motor helps you easily can whisk, mix and knead the dough with the dough. Or mixing motion of the planet. The mixer is styled with a sleek black design and also benefits from a sturdy rubber feet so that while it is a mixing tool remains firmly at the top of your kitchen.

Achieving high quality products from Mixer stand when you choose the appropriate speed needed for Your materials. The additional pulse setting that allows for intermittent mixing. There is no need to worry about sparks. And spillages as removable splash guard prevents you and your kitchen from getting messy. Interchangeable attachment for stand Mixer comes with three attachments. that allow you to perform a variety of techniques on a very easy. and convenient cooking. Durable chrome dough hooks makes mixing the dough and cake mix weight easily. Perfect for silicone beaters egg white, cream materials and light cake mixture or dough, while ensuring there is no stick into a bowl.

Product Richards Folding Stand Mixer

Unlike other stand mixer has a durable four values 6 Quart Stainless Steel Bowl. so that you can prepare large volumes of materials that are perfect for a big celebration cake. It is also dishwasher safe and easy to clean. Maximum 4.5 pound mixture preparation and 6 Quart of liquid. Also comes with a dust cover to help extend the life span of your mixer, make sure work well into the future while simultaneously looks great in any kitchen.