Kitchen Gourmet Rice Cooker VitaClay VF7700-8 8 Cup

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According to the opinion of our society, the rice cooker into a very vital need. Currently, it is easy to find a rice cooker on the market. We can find a wide range of facilities in a single appliance to cook it. Sometimes the facilities too much just makes us confused in choosing the right rice cooker for us. A good rice cooker is appropriate to our needs. Additional amenities that many is not necessarily making the rice cooker best choice. Because if we never use it, we’re just throwing money away in vain.


Estimate the size of the rice cooker with our needs at home, for the family. If we had a lot of family members, we will need a rice cooker. So we don’t have to cook over and over again to meet the needs of the whole family. Of course, if we cook for ourselves, we just need a rice cooker. Second, make sure we check the amenities the rice cooker is available in the market.

Kitchen Gourmet Rice Cooker

Choose a rice cooker based on brands. Not intended to distinguish the new brand on the market, but a popular brand and has a good reputation is the symbol for quality. Product Quality is very important because we will be using the rice cooker almost every day and of course. We want to continue to use the same rice cooker the next few years. If we choose quality rice cooker of course benefits we will get. And the stuff we wear will not be easily broken.

Choosing a kitchen gourmet rice cooker VitaClay VF7700 8 cups. Unglazed clay pot cooking enhances the flavor and texture of the food. Clay pots are free of aluminum and nonstick glaze. Settings for white rice, brown rice, soup and stew (and could be extended to beanpots, pulp, etc.). Thirty minutes for a 12-hour cooking time programmed with 30-minute increments. Half of slow cooking time, use up to 50% less energy.

Kitchen Gourmet Rice Cooker VitaClay

Awards VitaClay cooking with pure, mineral-rich Zisha clay to enhance flavor and preserve the natural juices. This free glazes nonstick, so no artificial chemicals or aluminum comes in contact with your food. Slightly porous unglazed clay, allowing it to breathe during the cooking process, retain moisture and essential nutrients. Rice and Slow Cooker Pro is really comfortable and fully programmable, computerized technology thanks to clay. Natural clay cooking Bowl cling cushion heater cupped, that promote uniform cooking. This kitchenware best product.

Design of double-lid that not only creates micro-pressure to maximize quality for steaming tender and flavorful food, but also the results of up to 50 percent energy savings! When it comes to slow cooking, VitaClay 2-in-1 Rice N ‘ Slow Cooker really live up to the name. It was quickly brought to a boil four times faster than conventional slow cooker, then reduce heat to simmer for the desired time. This process maintains the texture of the food. Slow cooking time in half with the same great taste! It is like having a gourmet chef automatic right in your kitchen!