Iphone 6 Big W Amaz Play Projector Portable Multimedia

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Say goodbye to electrical cords and tract data. With wireless function, rechargeable battery and speaker built in. iPhone 6 big w sweet pico projector-Mena-Play WH80B-M-, perfect, customized just for you. You can carry it around while traveling or business. This is to be a good companion for small group meetings or private cinema in your backyard. Measuring 4.3 x 4.3 x 0.6 inches-roughly the size of a smartphone. Though a bit thicker-Mena-Play WH80B-M can be easily slipped into your bag. Built-in 4200 mAh battery is powerful enough for most occasions and if necessary. You may be charged a projector with power bank. This mini projector can also be used as a charger for your mobile phone.

Iphone 6 Big W Amaz Play Projector Portable Multimedia

Outlook, ergonomic touch panel silk-like metal surfaces, ventilation, forward in three directions and a multi-functional input port, you will be truly impressed by every detail well owned by this projector. It can connect your Android Device IOS, Tablet PCS, game consoles, speakers. scepter TV and other devices with HDMI port, USB port, SD card slot, 3.5 mm Audio Out. It also supports Miracast and played. Built-in EZCast Pro App is the app professional projection. which is appreciated by more than 3 million people.

iPhone 6 Big W Portable Projector

You can easily watch online video, news, photo, PPT and other files. This iPhone 6 big w portable projector turns any corner of your home into a movie theater. Direct different light source coming from the TV, reflective light source easily for your eyes. In addition, you can take it easy for wherever you are going to hold meetings because it forms a light and strong battery life. It can display the Office files from devices that connect permissions so you will make your presentations clear and visualized. Come to Your private Show time.

This pico projector that can project the image measured up to 120 inches. The latest DLP optical imaging technology guarantees the excellence in color and clarity. Then the original resolution is 480 x 854 physical. But supports maximum 1080 p input signal with a superb 120-inch screen. Just enjoy your movie. The next generation of the intelligent multi-functional projector. Compact, lightweight, ultra-portable, powerful, Versatile Mini Pocket projector. This is the best product.

Mena Play Mini Projector

iPhone 6 big w Mena-Play Mini projector: with our WIFI dongle (included in box). Can be easily connected to the smartphone/tablet/iPhone/iPad app with the projector EZcast Pro (download from the Apple Store or Google Play). enjoy it all on the big screen at the same time with a portable device. In addition to WiFi connection with EZcast Pro,.you can also watch your favorite photos, pictures, videos. Movies with the bigger screen via HDMI/USB/Micro SD cards etc (HDMI cable included in the box, Digital AV adapter sold separately). This is the best electronic product.

The biggest DLP technology: more brightness, colors are richer. The original solution 854 * 480, full HD1080p supported. EZCast PRO has some additional functionality, such as a Photo Viewer, Video Player, camera Live, Document Viewer, Split screen. Display scroll & Office files etc. If you are interested in learning more about EZCast Pro features, please visit the official website of EZCast PRO for details.