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The hardware in the form of the good small computer speakers is a tool with his position could hardly be separated again with your computer. Because, the speaker has a very important role in issuing processing results in the form of sound. Of course, most computer users love music or videos requiring speakers to support the desire of yesteryear. Computer speakers can function properly in a supported hardware device called the sound card or audio/sound processor. While for his model, the speaker has a wide variety of shapes, sizes and also feature.


The good small computer speakers is the hardware output. That acts issued by the CPU processing results in the form of audio/voice. High end computer speakers can also refer to tools for voice output device. That generates music as MP3 players, DVD players and more. In the context of computerization, the speaker has a function as a tool to change the electrical waves originally from amplifier audio devices/voice into wave vibration. That is in the form of sound itself. The process of electromagnetic wave change of heading to the sound wave goes from power on the amplifier audio/sound then streamed into the coil.

In the coils of yesteryear there was the influence of the magnetic force on the speaker to suit strong weak electric current is obtained then the vibrations generated in the membrane will follow. Thus, there was a wave of sound in everyday life we can hear. Computer speakers is a device its position could hardly be separated again with your computer. This is because the speaker has an important role in issuing the results of processing of a sound processing device. Most computer users love music or videos requiring speakers to support the desire. For more details, see the course good small computer speakers here.

Kanto 2-Way Powered Desktop Speakers

Proudly designed in Canada. The YU2 desktop mini-monitor will make you believe that big sound can come in a small package. With its built-in soundcard. It can stream high-quality audio directly from your computer’s USB port, or connect directly to any 3.5mm AUX jack for maximum input flexibility. 3 inch composite drivers ensure a distortion-free bass and midrange. While the 3/4 inch silk dome tweeters effortlessly produce scintillating highs. A specially tuned bass-port on the rear extends the low end while keeping airflow away from your active workspace. If deep bass is your thing, simply connect a subwoofer to the SUB OUT port and revel in pure low-end bliss. Available in matte or gloss finishes to personalize your space.

Very welcoming upgrade from any other mid tier desktop speaker. The 20’s were awesome speaker but bulky and not quite as clear and clean as the YU2’s. Very clear and clean highs with rich lows. Bass is very acceptable not having a subwoofer. Of course if you want that loud thunder bass you will need to buy a seperate subwoofer but my money says you won’t want one after hearing how rich they sound without it. Very nice range of sound overall and the volume goes extremely loud with very little distortion at 90-95% max.

Kanto YU2 3″ 2-Way Powered Desktop Speakers

These are comparable to the audioengine a2 and the a2+. The a2+ has overall a more accurate soundstage but not by much. And also they are $250. The speakers are heavy, sturdy and look great. The speakers came with a 3.5 cable jack to hook up directly into a laptop/pc. Has a USB connection as well but not sure if the sound would be better through it or not. Very happy with this purchase. Won’t find a better set of 2.0 desktop speakers. Kanto YU2 3″ 2-Way Powered Desktop Speakers – Gloss Red (YU2GR) built-in USB DAC (Digital Audio Converter) and AUX Inputs. 25 Watts Per Channel. Class D Amplifier. Subwoofer Output.


Desktop speakers with a compact design, each speaker measures 3.9″ W x 5.3″ D x 5.9″ H (10 W x 13.5 D x 15 H cm). Great quality and amazing costumer service. Great sound. Much much better than the Mackie CR4 (not sure about CR3). Great sound from a small package. These little speakers create an amazing sound stage. They are very accurate and do an excellent job of representing the music the way it should sound. These sound great, and look great. For the size they are the best you can get. Really for the size they do not have much bass, but there is a subwoofer out to them.

High End Computer Speakers

High end computer speakers can function properly in supported hardware named sound card or audio/sound processor. While for his model, the speaker has a wide variety of shapes, sizes and also feature. From some of the reviews of introduction last, it can be inferred that the speaker is computer hardware output that serves issued result processing by the CPU in the form of audio/voice. The speaker is a hardware device that we get to the sound issuing or also its position that almost can’t be separate anymore by a computer. Because, a good small computer speakers that has an important role and we may issue a form of processing sound. Most people who have a computer like the music or video so that the need for those people without any speakers we will not be able to operate the music or video and others.

Good Small Computer Speakers Parts

Membrane. This membrane serves to receive a magnet that can produce sounds which result in a vibration (induction). Magnet. Magnet serves to do an induction to a membrane and can also produce a magnetic field. Casing. This serves to protect the casing all parts inside the speaker. Model of the casing itself is quite varied, as for example made of paper, plastic, metal, or a mixture of ingredients is called compositing.

Bulkhead cavities. The boundary of this cavity serves to generate a pressure wave which caused by a movement of the air around it. Pressure waves that are everyday we hear as sound. The coil. This serves to move the coil or a drain leading into conus or bulkhead cavities. Changes in the magnetic field of the speakers cause of motion the coil caused by the interaction between the magnetic field of the coil with constant.

Good Small Speakers Type

There are also two types of speakers. Ie active speaker passive speaker, speaker and filial piety is a speaker which has or have amplifiers (Amplifiers are amplifiers sound). To enable Amplifiers need additional wiring. While the passive speakers are speakers that do not have an amplifier or amplifier sound, to use the passive speakers require an additional Amplifier to drive a passive speakers and must strengthen the signal first. Most are passive speakers are found in the appeal of the active speaker.


1. Speaker Handphone

Start with the first look at some kinds of type types of speakers used in hp. you must know and understand that in the world there are 2 hp term used to name the goods. The second term is the speaker and the buzzer. The speaker used to listen to the voice in the process of communication phone voice calls. Buzzer. The buzzer is used to listen to the ringing tone hp. But now the speakers and the buzzer can be combined even process had the same spare part work between the buzzer and speaker. There are several type of hp that combines the functions of the speaker and buzzer into one. Almost all hp to now separate speakers and the buzzer.

In general, the speakers and the buzzer mounted just stick on a PCB Board hp. Speakers have 2 pin copper has the second Tips PER., speaker or buzzer is installed by means of solder in. How to install speaker or buzzer hp that has a 2 pin without having to solder in. Installation speaker hp type is very easy once you live release the old speakers and replace with new speakers without having to think of pas or not later on when plug it back in. Assembly speaker can do it back and forth because all hp speakers do not have the positive pole and the negative pole.

Install Speaker / Buzzer

How to install speaker or buzzer must use solder. Heat the solder to solder and make sure your mobile phone is really hot. Because if you use solder less heat. Later could lead to a break up hp speakers line, and will be hard to fix later. Remove the 2 wires. Clean the PCB Board of the former first solderan. Do soldering new speaker against without having to think about which cable you have to install first due to its back and forth.

How to install speaker hp with a socket. The socket type is the process of replacing the speaker the easiest hp where here you need not think of soldering and etc. Install the speaker type you place enough socket socket on the PCB Board to the speakers. That makes the installation process easier this socket need not feel fear because it will never reverse. Socket installation reply won’t go in reverse. Although the actual installation of the right or is reverse any speaker hp will still work fine.

2. Speaker Hi – Fi

HIFI is the term for an audio device that can respond to sound with the degree of commonality of approach (similar to) and the sound of the original. HIFI good small computer speakers can often be found in the device’s stereo amplifiers two channel. As long as the resulting sound is clean, natural, bass, treble also tender, and tasty heard already entered category HIFI. Audio equipment that has good quality, especially that grown adults usually have a nice and tasty that results as well as comfy to be heard. The equipment that meet a good HiFi standard must meet the criteria.

To be able to meet the standards of Hi Fi categorized it that how it, there should be the benchmark. To be able to classify a equipment. It needs to be held beginning from measurement of frequency response to disability. Short match the specifications of equipment with the lowest benchmark price requested. If the equipment meets the specifications of the equipment provided by DIN 45 500. Then the equipment that belongs to the category Hi Fi (High Fidelity = recording and transmission of voice carefully). After the HIFI, above it there is a HI-END HIFI good small computer speakers from again more carefully.

3. Speaker Headphone

Headphones and earphones are already not familiar to most people’s ears. Such devices are already all too familiar because we ourselves often wear it and is often interpreted as the same device either form or function. Not much different from headphones headset, in terms of design is not much of a difference. It’s just the headphones do not have input device (microphone) as well as a headset. The microphone’s absence appears to be the only criterion when viewed in terms of their functions. Lately the headphones more often paired with mobile devices such as cellphones, smartphones, tablet even MP3/MP4 player. In Western countries even east asia appears to be booming are using headphones, listening to music is now more enjoyable with the presence of a wide range of design and color.

4. Speaker Earphone

In terms of function, not unlike earphones headphones. It’s just that earphones have a form which is much smaller and compact making it easy to carry anywhere can even put in your pocket or pants. At first glance this is similar to the handsfree earphones but without the extra audio button is usually found in the area of branching cord. Its use is simply inserted into the outer ear, so this device can be used while snooze without interfering with comfort. This device is usually included in the sales package devices or portable video music player (MP3/MP4 player).

That’s updated reviews on good small computer speakers high end Kanto more for you. Hopefully the article is useful and can be a reference for those of you who are looking for information about various products. To find out the price, simply click ‘buy now’ below.