Urban Deluxe Electric Scooter Big W Adjustable Adult

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Urban Deluxe 7XL kick electric scooter Big W large electric adjustable for children and adult sizes. I don’t know another push scooter that has a dual suspension for this or any price. I’m surprised more reviewers aren’t singing the praises of this sidewalk timing device. I booster electric scooter Big W has a similar suspension system but it cost a lot more.

Even adult scooter which is considered the Cadillac of scooters do not have this type of suspension and cost more than $250. With the pavement cracks, holes, dips at the intersection of handicap and an invisible barrier, this feature makes the trip much smoother and have to increase the longevity of the stress points.

I don’t expect smooth implementation process drive from Razor A5 Lux me but I only paid $60 for it new. It’s sturdy but can loosen Your fillings ride.

Electric Scooter Big W Specifications

  • 37 ” long scooter 5.5 ” wide variety of stands 4 inches above the ground.
  • Made from top-quality stones.
  • ABEC 7 carbon pads provide additional speed and a smooth ride.
  • Designed and tested by pro riders with durability and performance in mind.
  • Including handle extra-thick foam for comfort and control.

Urban Deluxe Electric Scooter Big W Adjustable Adult Review

7XL Urban electric scooter Big W stealth features and a sleek all black. It comes with a carrying strap that they didn’t mention in the description of the item. Most other companies have a separate fee for that accessory. It has reflective tabs on the end of the fender back I haven’t seen established on other brands.

Once again I have a red LED brake lights but the price is about 10 x more. The deck is about the same size as the other scooters which means your feet back can be placed to the side or you can put half of each foot on the scooter forward-facing. For some adults you are great “canoes” will remain out in the cold. It has a kickstand that makes parking easy if you do not want or need a completely collapse the scooter. ABEC-7 bearings is a feature upgrade but including good.


Amazon offers the main price is great but for some reason the black color free of cost $10 more. That worked for me since the black better especially for an adult male who used it for commuting. If you are in the Park you have to have something to distinguish themselves from younger people who didn’t need another reason to scoff and sneer. The model of black and gray is original but not worthy of an increase. I don’t know why some photographs showing the front fender changed the wrong way. The old part of the fender away from the front wheels and the shorter part went in front.

To keep the look of the ninja, I’ve put a black reflective tape strip on the strategic areas of the scooter. This is a great scooter for any age level or skill.

The only thing that took some time to get used to is providing in suspension when you push with your feet. If you are bored with the scooter does not give that rattles your bones. Then this is the one for you.