Dining Glass Table Sets VECELO for 4 In Kitchen

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Dining glass table sets are the fast way to a dining room that looks perfectly pulled together.Dining glass table sets setting may be an easy task. Well, for most of us, we would simply place the plates, spoon and fork, glass and all the other dining ware together. No need for some artistic approach whatsoever. But in truth, you can actually make your Dining glass table sets more inviting and interesting. Also , there is an art toDining glass table sets setting that will greatly affect the diner’s experience while eating. Well, for sure, we want our guests and our family as well to feel special when they dine in our homes.

I have seen many impressive Dining glass table sets-ups which is also a result of the beautiful combination of fabrics as well as centerpieces. Of course, a good choice of dining ware would also be important because if these are beautiful and presentable, your Dining glass table sets would definitely be a stunner. These days, people are used to take photos of anything beautiful. So, see to it that your Dining glass table sets set up is Instagram-worthy. And of course, make sure your food looks presentable and taste really good! I’d be giving you some tips today on how you can set up your Dining glass table sets to make it look more inviting.

Before you set the dining glass table sets for fine dining, you must first consider the table itself. True fine dining necessitates a large table with ample room for the dinnerware that will serve several courses and beverage pairings. Under the most lavish conditions, there will be an expansive dining glass table sets covered with linen or lace, an appropriate centerpiece, candles, china, crystal and sterling cutlery.

Dining rooms are notorious for not getting much love from January to October. But that’s still no excuse for having a flimsy, second-rate table in the most formal room of all. What you should have is a dining glass table sets that looks good, serves your dining needs and will last at least a few years.


How to Set a Dining Glass Table Sets

Things You’ll Need

Table linens
Candles/candle holder
Place settings
Cloth napkins
Napkin rings
Place setting card

Expand your table to its full capacity and cover with pad, cloth and lace covering. Arrange the chairs so that each of your guests has ample room to be comfortable without bumping elbows with his seatmate. Choose a tasteful, fresh arrangement for a centerpiece. Consult the below website for tips to make easy but stunning centerpieces. Place candles at each end of your centerpiece and light them upon your guests’ entrance to the dining room.

Set a formal charger (a large round piece that sits below the plate) on the table in front of each chair, being sure that its design is set right-side-up. The place setting should be about two inches from the table’s edge.

Place a cloth napkin with napkin ring on each charger. If you are using place setting cards, you can place them at the charger’s rim or above it on the table.

How to Set a Table for Fine Dining

Arrange the silverware with the forks on the left. As a general rule of thumb, diners work from the outside to the inside, so the dinner fork should be closest to the plate, with the salad fork next to it and the appetizer fork outside of the salad fork. The dinner knife, with its blade inward, should be placed closest to the plate on the right side. Next to the knife, place the soup spoon.

Use individual bread plates and place them above the dinner fork, with individual butter spreaders angled on each plate. Place the salad plate to the side of the fork arrangement. Following the European style, you may want to consider serving the salad after the main entrance. While this is not an American tradition, there are digestive benefits to consuming roughage and dressing at the close of the meal, and before the dessert. Leaving the plate on the table, as opposed to serving a salad course, gives your guests the option of either method.

Arrange glasses at a negative angle above the dinner knife, with the water glass at the top and wine glasses following, in order of their intended consumption. As an alternative, serve your beverage pairings with each individual course.

Remove the charger and serve each course at the center. Coffee and dessert cutlery can be placed on the table prior to dining or set out at the end of the meal. The teaspoon would lay between the knife and soup spoon; the dessert fork closest to the plate on the left, or above the charger in front of the place setting card.


How to Clean a Glass Dining Table Surface In Kitchen

Every speck of dust and food or spot left behind by water tends to be noticeable on a glass dining table, meaning more attention is needed to keep it looking pristine. A homemade glass cleaner such as vinegar and water creates a streak-free shine while loosening caked-on substances such as dried food. If the top of the table has elements made of wood or metal, keep the cleaning liquid from pooling in those areas to avoid rotting wood or rusting metal.

Things You’ll Need

Lint-free cloths
Plastic spoon
Damp dish cloth
White vinegar
Spray bottle

 Step 1

Remove any items resting upon the table. Wipe the tabletop down with a soft, lint-free cloth to remove dust, crumbs and debris. Use your free hand to catch debris as you wipe the table down, and deposit the items in the trash.

 Step 2

Scrape hardened food spills with the bowl of a plastic spoon to remove the substance before applying the glass cleaner. Plastic won’t scratch the glass. If the hardened substance is stubborn, drizzle water over it and let it set for 10 minutes or so. Scrape again with the plastic spoon, then wipe the spill area with a damp dish cloth.

 Step 3

Mix equal parts water and vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray the solution over the glass and allow it to sit for a minute or two. If the glass seems dirty or cloudy, increase the proportion of vinegar in the bottle even straight vinegar may be used to clean the glass.

 Step 4

Wipe the table down with a soft, lint-free cloth to clean the glass. If the table has metal or wood trim, dry those areas thoroughly to ensure no moisture is trapped between the glass and the trim.

Dining Table In kitchen Decorating Ideas

Partial and full glass tables provide a flat area surface like no other. The delicacy, shine and transparency of glass lends a modern, sleek touch to a room’s visual design. Decorating with and around glass tables presents both challenges and opportunities when it comes to tying the glass’s texture in with the rest of your room’s decor.


  • Take advantage of the reflective translucency of a glass table by using it to display lights. At the most basic, decorate the table with light decorations, such as decorative lamps (like lava lamps or salt lamps) or candle holders. For a more permanent fixture, or for seasonal decorating, attach string lights to the edge of the table.

Sculpture Props

  • The transparency of glass tabletops makes them an ideal choice for times when you want both the aesthetics of a sculpture and the usefulness of a flat surface. Purchase or build a glass table for which the legs or prop is a sculpture, abstract or recognizable. Common designs of this type include wagon wheels, large driftwood trunks or simply nontraditional wooden props, such as curvy panes of wood or asymmetric shapes.

Glass Ornaments

  • Decorate the surface of your glass tabletop using the complementary textures of small glass ornaments and containers. Place glass vases, small picture frames or ornaments on the table or on surfaces close to it. To keep this design from looking too cluttered with similar textures, add some contrasting materials to the mix, such as flowers in a vase or a cloth runner between the table and glass ornaments.

Glass Panes and Mirrors

  • Tie the shiny glass surface of your table into your room decor by arranging its position in relation to other glass surfaces. Items like mirrors, glass window panes and doors and even glass shadowboxes or picture frames provide similar textures. Place these types of items in proximity to your glass tabletop; position them so that they’re close enough to be seen in the same frame of vision but spaced out enough that you can see some of the reflective glass surfaces from wherever you are in the room.


VECELO Glass Dining Table Set for 4

PRODUCT SIZE: Table: 43.3*27.5*30 inches Chair:15.7*19.6*33.8 inches

Main feature:

Our Warehouse is in USA -Ready to provide you excellent quality products and FAST SHIPPING!  We will do our utmost best to provide excellent customer service to you. Dining table set was designed by our factory production of products, using high
quality materials, modern design, fine workmanship, professional packaging.
Every working procedure is a professional supervision of dining dinette, every  detail is the key to our success or failure, we believe that serious efforts will be praise from customers.  5-piece Dining Set is made up of Glass table Top Metal legs & Frame, not only  stable, but bear great gravity.  Table set has been incredibly well made to ensure that it is not only long lasting but also strong and sturdy.
5Pcs Fashion Dining Set, Sliver Tube / Beech MDF/ Glass Dining Set is made up of Glass table Top Metal legs & Frame, The Dining chairs
of 4 made up of wooden and Metal legs & Frame, Glass dining table set is really good & and durable, simple fashion.Stool heel legs doing a special processing, so will not damage the floor.Glass desktop is easy to clean, suitable for family use. Square table and chairs are made of the screw assembly, very easy to assemble.The design of the chair is can withstand great gravity, Glass top table suitable for any decoration style of the house

Package Includes:

Instruction for installation

VECELO Glass Dining Table Set Review

Made of pretty cheap aluminum construction. It’s an okay table set for the price. Made of pretty cheap aluminum construction… and it’s a very, VERY small set. Honestly I expected a bit bigger table set for the $180 that I paid for it. It will only comfortably seat 2 people. You can see through the glass and into the hollow aluminum pipe table leg. On the plus side it was extremely easy to build. Takes about an hour and a half.

The chairs are comfortable to sit on; back and bottom. The table is made out of tempered glass which is hard to scratch and it also looks great. Very elegant clear glass table. Just the right size for your dinning room, when it was delivered in a big box, thought of calling friends for help.but after opening and reading directions, was a breeze to assemble, chairs were simpleto erect, glass table top was laid on floor and leg/frame attached easily with 4 screws, only prob.Is hard wooden seats, so ordered cushions and have had plenty of compliments.

Looks good. Fits well in small spaces, like a tiny apartment for example. Nice modern look. Very time consuming to build and assemble. Materials feel flimsy and “made in china”. The fit and finish is certainly not wow…but the price is right and works for the time being. Not sure it will survive a rigorous move, however.Was packaged very nicely, nothing was seriously damaged just a few scratches on the legs. But other then that it’s a very nice table for our small dining area.. Chairs are very sturdy!

I’m extremely pleased with this dining set. It’s very attractive, fits perfectly in my condo kitchen and complements the stainless steel appliances and cabinet pulls. It was very easy to assemble with just the allen wrench provided. The chair seats are beige wood and comfortable to sit on.The stainless finish does seem to react to finger marks which I feel can be removed but I haven’t had time to explore how. At $175 with its fine design I feel it’s a real bargain. I only needed two chairs so we didn’t assemble the other two. I highly recommend this set to anyone looking for a comfortable, attractive yet small dining table and regular chairs. We’ve received lots of compliments on it.