Banzai Aqua Sports Water Park Spring Summer Inflatable

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Stay calm and play hard with a water park all one page back. Banzai Aqua Sports Water Park has five different activities that are sure to make a splash. Play hard on the volleyball court, challenge your friends to a game of basketball. Have a water polo match and cool off by sliding down a giant water slide before you get drenched under the Aqua Sports Falls. With the included blower air flow continuously, all this fun expands less than three minutes.

Heavy-duty Dura-Tech construction ensures lasting strength and durability. With all this fun, you never want to leave your backyard. Banzai first made waves in the industry with original toys Banzai falls waterslide. Fast and easy Banzai Aqua Sports Water Park set-up. Original Banzai falls waterslide change the backyard across America into mini water parks in less than 2 minutes. Since used the same commitment to innovation with water blasters. Swimming pools, waterslides, and more to become a leader in the backyard fun.

Banzai Aqua Sports Water Park

  • 15’2″L x 13’4″W x 7’11″H inflatable water slide.
  • 100% PVC.
  • Included blower motor with GFCI for maximum safety and also convenience.
  • Individual user maximum weight: 120 lbs.
  • The detachable water-spraying hose connects to the water-spraying falls and also slide.
  • Inflates in less than 3 minutes.
  • Includes 3 inflatable sports balls.
  • Combined user maximum weight: 150 lbs.

Banzai Aqua Sports Water Park Reviews

The water slide is of high-quality material and also worked as described. The climbing wall was sturdy. It for even some of the larger children. One issue that found is shorted are a must. Bikinis do not have enough. It to protect against the friction burn from rubbing on the side of the slide. It while going around the curve. Nice depth in the wadding pool. It is slightly smaller and great for an averaged sized 5-8 year’s old children. It to really be able to enjoy all the parts available.

For bigger kids, very recommend one that is the larger slide without the extra games. Many customers ordered this product for their children’s party. All the pieces were there and also the children were able to happily use this product. Great durability. Decent sized, durable, and plenty of things for kids to play on. It is better than a pool. Kids have a great time on this. Very satisfied with great service. Had some hot summer days and also they really enjoyed. Many customers just set this slide up for their 4th summer of use.

Great birthday gift for son

The kids have not gotten off of it since customers put it up two weeks ago. This best product sets up really easy and also seems to be durable. 8 kids (2-10 y/o) were all over it for son’s birthday with no problems. The only problem is Aqua Sports Water Park takes two days of dry weather. It before you put it away. Customers have just been moving it around the yard so it did not kill the grass. This best product is so popular with high-quality.