Asus Dual Intelligent Processors 5 Z97-PRO Gamer

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The product line of GAMERS for the Intel platform from Asus get new family members. When the previous Asus just launched motherboard Intel chipset non gamers with the Z-Series. now they are introducing a new motherboard from the families who use the Intel chipset Z97. The motherboard is Asus Dual Intelligent Processors 5 named Z97-Pro gamers.


As the best product of a family of other Gamers. and also family ROG which is the highest gaming Asus product line. This new motherboard using a black color scheme. Z97-Pro Gamer comes with several features that support its users. To get the best experience in playing the game. Like LANGuard, GameFirst II, Radar and Sonic SupremeFX II. These features can also be found in some motherboard manufacturers of Taiwan origin.

Asus Dual Intelligent Processors 5

Other features that embedded in this electronic product is Gamer’s Guardian. Gamer’s Guardian is a protection feature. Which Asus puts some fuse on the motherboard. To prevent problems associated with electricity. In addition, it is still a part of the Gamer’s Guardian, Asus uses a capacitor 10 k black-metallic artificial Japan. To ensure the durability of this motherboard. Not to miss, ESD Guard in USB port, audio. And Ethernet make sure the system is secure from the static electricity that may come from the ports.

There are 3 pieces of recorded series motherboard ASUS with naming Z97-Pro. Incidentally motherboard ASUS who attended this is the Z97-Pro without additional Gamers as well as WiFi. So predictable that this series is indeed the most economical series compared to the two other Pro-Z97 series. However, the guesses were wrong. Because the Z97-Pro Gamers even more expensive than Z97 Pro series. It looks like this is an economical version of the motherboard from Z97-pro (WiFi AC). Proven there are ports for WiFi at the rear panel.

Asus Z97-Pro Gamers

This motherboard has 12 phase power digital. The large number of phase power is identical to the stability of the flow. Especially when overclocking. When viewed in terms of completeness as well as featured. This motherboard looks very complete. Any memory support up to 3200 MHz. overclocking at the phase power there is heatsink with very thick size and height for medium heat transfers. However, without an equipped heatpipes as a bridge. Between the top of the heatsink with the side of the CPU.

This motherboard has a power button that is located at the bottom. It’s just that the reset button is not available on this motherboard. For overclocking users who do not want to be restricted in the voltage limitation. Do not forget to move the jumpers CPU_0V. In terms of the performance of this motherboard is able to boot smoothly on the frequency of 4800 Mhz. Intel Core i7 4790K Processor which CHIP to use as a testbed, stable in numbers 4600 Mhz only. Is quite good for overclocking manual size and without raising the default voltage. For overclocking memory, can be said to be nice considering memory testbed. The label specifications 1600 MHz 2200 Mhz can be run by this motherboard.

With bonus multimedia capabilities in the form of an additional Crystal Sound Technology 2 manufacturers find the resultant sound is better suited to play gaming as compared to other needs. So in conclusion, this motherboard is ideal for gamers who have also overclocking hobby.